Dilanni Occupy Women Latex Waist Training Cincher
The Dilanni Occupy Waist Trainer is a high compression cincher that will decrease your waist by approximately 3 to 5 inches. It is also a good waist training product to wear when doing excercises. High compression The Dilanni waist cincher...
Camellias Women's 26 Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer

Camellias Women’s 26 Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer Corset Shaper

This Camellias Waist Trainer Corset is a shaper that is a beautiful accessory if you are into the gothic, cosplay or steampunk...
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Are waist trainers safe?

Are waist trainers safe? That's a question we often receive at Your Waist Trainer, because there seems to be little ambiguity about the health...
Waist Training Apps Android

Best waist training apps for Android

In our blog article ‘Waist trainer instead of exercising or diets?’, we explained that waist training is certainly not for lazy people...
TrainingGirl Hourglass Waist Slimmer

TrainingGirl Hourglass Waist Slimmer

The TrainingGirl Hourglass Waist Trainer is an adjustable waist slimmer that reduces immediately your waistline with 1 to 3 inches, giving you...
Fajas Salome 0315-1 Postpartum Waist Trimmer Trainer

Fajas Salome 0315-1 Postpartum Waist Trimmer Trainer

The Salome 015-1 shapewear is a high-compression Colombian waist cincher, which gives you that beautiful hourglass figure and will lift your bust....

Overbust or underbust corsets?

At Your Waist Trainer, we receive regularly questions about corsets and whether people should purchase a overbust or underbust corset. What your...
Wedding Dress

Corset with your wedding dress

Are you planning to wear a corset on your wedding day? Please make sure to prepare for your big day!

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