Charmian Women's Lace Waist Trainer Underbust Corset
The Charmian Underbust Corset is a waist trainer that you can use for various activities, such as walking, working out, shopping, working or going to a party. The shapewear keeps your body straight and improves your posture. Beautiful and elegant waist trainer corset

Celebrities using waist trainers

Although various celebrities have recently contributed to the immense popularity of waist trainers, the history of waist trainers goes back a long time, because...
Hide Waisttrainer under clothes

How to hide a waist trainer under clothes

Since you get the best results wearing your waist trainer at least a couple of hours per day, it could be possible...
Migabri Waist Trimmer XT10

Migabri Waist Trimmer XT10

The MIGRABI XT10 is a waist trimmer that provides high compression and accelerates weight loss. This piece of shapewear has an adjustable...
Everbellus Breathable Latex Corset Trainer

Everbellus Breathable Latex Waist Trainer

If you are looking for a good value for money waist trainer, then the Everbellus Breathable Latex Waist Trainer Corset Cincher Training...
TrainingGirl Hourglass Waist Slimmer

TrainingGirl Hourglass Waist Slimmer

The TrainingGirl Hourglass Waist Trainer is an adjustable waist slimmer that reduces immediately your waistline with 1 to 3 inches, giving you...
Vintage Corset Waist Trainer

How tight should your waist trainer be?

At Your Waist Trainer we regularly receive the question how tight a waist trainer should be. That is of course a very...
Nebility Women Waist Trainer Corset

Nebility Women Waist Trainer Corset

The Nebility Waist Trainer Corset provides high compression on your tummy and supports your back and improves your posture, helps with postpartum,...

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