Waist Trainer Brands

You made the decision to wear a waist trainer, but it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right waist trainer, as there are a wide range of brands on the market and these well-known and unknown brands usually also have several types and models in their assortment.

In order to simplify the choice of the right waist trainer, Your Waist Trainer provides you information per brand. That does not mean however, that if the waist trainer – brand that you have seen is not on this page, it is of inferior quality. Make sure you check this page on a regular basis, since we are updating the information on this page constantly.

Ann Chery

Ann Chery is the leading company in Colombia that is focused on producing and selling waist trainers and waist cincher. They have a good reputation worldwide for exceptional quality, and are having more than 34 years of experience.  The company focuses on the implementation of new technologies and materials to produce the highest level of waist trainers for their customers. Ann Chery uses for their shapewear products 100% natural latex rubber except for the lining, which is cotton and makes the waist trainers and waist cinchers comfortable to wear.

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Ann Michell

Ann Michell is a company from Colombia, that focuses on shapewear for women, for each body type. Their product portfolio includes waist trainers, leggings and sports shapewear in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Although their headquarters are in South America, Ann Michell is highly recognized all over the world for their high quality and making women look beautiful and curvy.

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Burvogue Clothing Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer of corsets, shapewear, waist trainers, lingerie, underwear and butt lifting jeans from Guangzhou in China. They are committed to meet the waist training and body sculpting requirements of women from all over the world.

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The goal of the designers of Charmian, is to create clothing that celebrates the art of the female body. They use high-quality material to create waist training products and other clothing that is fun and comfortable to wear. The principle of celebrating female body shapes is still used in every new design process.

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CtriLady is a fashion brand from China, specialized in quality shapewear, underclothing, bathing suits for women and men, corsets and lingerie.

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Ellostar, a brand that was launched in 2020, wants to connect their customers with their inner star. The name comes from the greeting “Hello, Star”, which reflects the transformation that people experience after using the waist trainer. Their waist trainers come in different colors and sizes and are made of good quality material.

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Everbellus is a fashion brand that focuses on shapewear, corsets and panties and they have customers from all over the world. They develop waist trainers and other products, with the demands and feedback from customers in mind. Everbellus uses high quality material, keeps women’s curves when designing making sure it is comfortable to wear.

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FeelinGirl is a leading company from China that designs and manufactures activewear, sleepwear, swimwear, wist training products and a lot more. They use high quality fibres and experienced staff, their total collection is over 1,000 products and they sell to customers from all over the world.

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Hoplynn, established in 2006, firmly believes that sports and sweat are the souls of freedom. With their shapewear designs, they combine good quality material, fashion and flexibility.

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Hourglass Angel

At Hourglass Angel, a company from the United States of America, they empower women to be confident, sexy and poised with exeptional shapewear. They curate the newest and best garments, so that you can find the best solution for your specific needs and aspirations.

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The history of Nebility goes back to 2015, in that year they started with their good quality sportswear and shaper wear. When designing waist trainers, they focus on a combination of fashion and functionality, and they pride themselves in providing their customers with confidence and a better figure.

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Perfotek is a company that focuses on a healthy lifestyle. It has several waist trimmer belts in their product range, but in addition Perfotek also supplies resistance bands, slimmer kits and supplements.

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It is ShaperX’s mission to change the conversation about shapewear, and their shapewear collection includes bodysuit fajas, tummy control shapers, waist belts, waist trainers and corsets. They aim to let their customers feel breathable and comfortable.

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The history of Squeem goes back to 1936 when Antoine Pasos launched the shapewear brand in Brazil. The company is focused on creating comfort at every curve by manufacturing waist trainers, corsets and other shapewear for women with all kinds of body types.

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Vedette Shapewear

Vedette is a company that specializes in shapewear for women, from waist cinchers to body shapers and from butt enhancers to high-compression garments. Vedette was established in 1979 and they focus on the American, Colombian and Mexican market. The waist training products from Vedette Shapewear are manufactured and imported from Colombia.

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Yianna is a brand that specializes in body shapewear, sports waist trainers, bras and bralettes and sauna vests. Yianna aims to please exercise enthusiasts and yoga consumers with affordable and accessible items for everyday athleisure and fitness enthusiasts.

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