Angool Women’s Latex Waist Trainer

Angool Women’s Latex Waist Trainer
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Well-made luxurious waist trainer, comfortable and high compression

This Angool waist trainer is a robust, sturdy and well-made piece of shapewear and you will love wearing this under your clothes.

It is a luxurious quality waist trainer, especially for the price. The Angool Women’s Latex Waist Trainer Training Corset is made of stretchy and breathable material, but it has a high compression, it could help you reduce 4 to 5 inches or 3 sizes instantly when you wear it. The slimming corset feels nice on your skin, will give you a great figure and the perfect hourglass shape. You’ll love having it under closer fitting dresses or tops (you cannot see anything from the outside) and make you feel so much more confident.

Unlike some other waist cinchers, the Angool corset could be used to wear day to day, but women also love to wear this Angool waist cincher when working out in the gym or using it with weight work outs. It stays exactly where it is supposed to, without rolling.

Strong material and nice touch

This beautiful waist trainer, which is available in various colors, is made of cotton, spandex and latex and will make you look beautiful, slim and lifts your bust. It has strong thick material on the outside and lovely soft material on the inside and promotes sweating and promotes weightloss in the waist area.

Keep your posture with strong spiral bones

The corset comes with 9 spiral steel bones, which will give the waist cincher more stiffness, keeps your posture, encourages you to stand straighter , keeps everything in place and corrects the bad posture. These spiral bones are durable and flexible, they can bend easily, but will quickly recover to their original shape. The hook-and-eye closures of the corset are strong and allow for flexible sizing as necessary.

Our verdict – Angool Waist Trainer

We absolutely recommend this Angool Waist Trainer Training Corset. It is made of much stronger material than other waist cinchers and is one of the best waist trainers we have used so far. The waist cincher from Angool is comfortable to wear, feels nice on your skin, will give you a great figure and the perfect hourglass shape. The strong spiral bones keep your posture. This waist trainer comes at a reasonable price, but has the quality of more expensive shapewear.

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