How to put on your waist trainer – standing or lying down?

Woman Lying Down

So you purchased your waist trainer and want to start waist training right away. But how do you put your waist trainer on? You see columns of hooks, perhaps a zipper.. what should you do?

As you can read in our tutorial ‘How To Use A Waist Trainer’, putting on your waist training product for the first time, is without a doubt the hardest and a lot of women even think that they ordered the waist trainer one of more sizes too small. There are two ways to put on a waist trainer: standing or lying down.


Most women prefer to stand in front of the mirror the first time they put their waist trainer on, so they can exactly see what they are doing. Make sure the shapewear is above the hips and wrap it around your body and perhaps suck in a little bit. Start with the first row of hooks and buckle upwards. Then move to the next row, reposition the waist trainer and repeat this again. After putting the final hook into the eye, straighten the waist trainer, ensuring it covers your torso.

Lying down

Sometimes it can be a challenge for women to put a waist trainer on while standing, especially women who have a bit of a tummy. An alternative is putting it on while lying down. Compared to standing, your stomach is a bit flatter while lying down. Put the waist trainer under you, wrap it around your body and then put it on, the same way you would put a waist training product on, if you were standing.

There is no ‘best way’ to put on a waist trainer. Choose the method that feels the best and most comfortable for you.