Migabri Waist Trimmer XT10

Migabri Waist Trimmer XT10
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The MIGRABI XT10 is a waist trimmer that provides high compression and accelerates weight loss. This piece of shapewear has an adjustable fit, so your can use it during any activity, while the waist trimmer gives you back support and still feels comfortable to wear.

Waist Trimmer strong and support

The waist trimmer belt is made of high quality materials, latex-free neoprene, has an adjustable fit, so it gives you in a comfortable way the neccessary support to your core and lumbar during your workouts. The strong velcro makes sure to keep the MIGRABI waist trimmer in place, but it is adjustable up to 100 centimetres, which equals approximately 40 inches. Do you like to do pilates, spinning, running, yoga or other activities? Because the MIGRABI XT10 is adjustable, it works for almost every activity and all body shapes.

High compression and heat retention

The belt delivers high compression and provides heat retention in your midriff area, accelerating weight loss and reaching your waist training goals quicker. It is a good belt to use during work-outs or to your yoga class, but it can also be used to wear to work, events or other occassions. The MIGRABI XT10 can be used either under or outside of your clothes and will make you look beautiful and slim.

Our verdict – MIGRABI XT10 Waist Trainer

The MIGRABI Waist Trimmer XT10 is a well-made piece of shapewear and is a belt for every bodyshape and it can be used for almost every activity. It has a high level of heat retention, which makes you sweat and accelerate your weight loss. The waist trimmer gives a good level of back support, while it still feels comfortable to wear. This waist training item might be less applicable to tall people.

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