No more folds! Keeping Your Waist Trainer in Place

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Ever put on your waist trainer only to have it bunch up and fold over? Very annoying! This tutorial will help you ditch the folds and achieve that perfect, comfy fit.

The biggest culprit for a folding waist trainer is usually a size or style mismatch. Imagine a baggy shirt – that’s what a too-big waist trainer does. Too small? It digs in and rolls up. Finding the right size, style, and compression level is key!

Why does your waist trainer fold?

Finding the perfect fit – Size matters!

  • Always check the website sizing charts before you buy. Different brands can have different sizing,
  • Measure your natural waist, which you can find a few inches above your belly button.
  • Size up when in doubt. You can still tighten a waist trainer that is a little bit too big, but you can’t magically stretch a too tight waist trainer.
  • If possible, try on your waist trainer and make sure it fits comfortably. It should feel snug but comfy.
  • If the waist trainer is not perfect, exchange it.

Adjusting for the best fit

Use the hooks or closures to fine-tune your fit.Velcro closures are easier to use (very quickly putting on and off), hooks offer more precise adjustments.

If your waist trainer starts to feel loose, adjust the closures. It might also be that you’re reaching your goals and that you’re shrinking, and need to size down!

Waist trainers lose elasticity over time. If your shapewear starts to feel baggy, then it might be time for a new one.

Waist trainer styles and needs

  • Shoulder Straps: Vest-style trainers with straps offer extra support and prevent folding.
  • Steel Boning: Steel bones provide more support than plastic boning, keeping your waist trainer in place.
  • Short Waists: Perfect for petite people, offering a more comfortable fit.
  • Velcro Closure: Popular for workout waist trainers, this allows for easy adjustment and the right amount of compression.
  • High Compression: Do you want maximum results and a stay-put waist trainer? Choose high compression.

By following these tips, you can say goodbye to the fold and hello to a comfortable, effective waist training journey!