When will I see results with waist trainers?

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That’s one of the most common questions that we hear at Your Waist Trainer: ‘when will I see results with waist training?’ Of course, it is hard to be patient when you want to have that beautiful hourglass shape and if you are just starting, then you also might be unfamiliair with the waist training process.

So when will you see the result of your waist training activities? That’s actually a difficult question to answer, since it depends on various factors:

Use your waist trainer correctly

Waist trainers can be a perfect way to help losing weight and give you that great hourglass shape, resulting in a significant confident boost. Make sure to use your waist trainer in a correct way to enjoy optimum benefits from wearing a waist trainer. In our tutorial ‘How to use a waist trainer’ you’ll find all the necessary information to use your waist training items correctly.

To get the best waist training results, it is essential that the fit of your waist shaper is correct and that you choose the right size waist trainer. To be sure, you choose the best size waist trainer, you need to measure your body parts. In our tutorial ‘How to measure for your waist trainer’ you will find all information on what you need to measure and how.

How often do you waist train?

How quickly you see results wearing a waist trainer depends on how much you waist train? Do you wear your waist trainer every day? If so, how many hours per day are you using your waist trainer? Or are you using your shapewear perhaps every couple of days and how long do you waist train on these days?

If you’re new to waist training, then please build up the amount of time wearing your waist shaper. During the first week, wear it for a couple of hours, and gradually build up the amount of time after the first week. You and your body need to get used to wearing a waist trainer and therefore it is essential that you build it up step-by step.

By wearing your waist trainer and using it correctly, you will not eat as much food as you did before, which will have a positive impact on your weight and shape.

Waist training and workouts

You will have quicker results with a waist trainer if you combine wearing the shaper, in combination with a healthy lifestyle and workouts. Most shapewear you can use during day-to-day activities, including workouts. If you stick to healthy food and drinks and follow your workout schedule, at home or at the gym, then you will notice that already quite quickly the shape of your waist changing.

Did you by the way know there are various waist training apps available?


If you ultimately want to have that beautiful hourglass shape, then it is necessary to wear your waist trainer regularly and to stick to wearing it. Only in this way will your body obtain that beautiful figure that you so desire. Waist training is about persistence, use your waist trainer on a really regular basis, stick to your healthy lifestyle and work out on a regular basis and in that way, you will not only get good results on a short term, but on a long term you will lose inches around your midsection and get a stunning body.

Your Waist Trainer

Which waist trainer is the best for you? That depends on a lot of factors, including body shape, lifestyle and budget. On our Waist Trainer Review – page, you will get a good overview of available waist shapers.