Are waist trainers safe?

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Are waist trainers safe? That’s a question we often receive at Your Waist Trainer, because there seems to be little ambiguity about the health risks if you are wearing shapewear.

Are waist trainers safe? – Answering the question

To answer the question: yes, waist trainers are safe, provided you purchase your waist trainer from a reputable manufacturer and you choose the right size. Therefore, it is essental that you measure your body correctly and are aware which size waist trainer you should buy. An explanation on how to use your measure tape, you can find in the tutorial ‘How to measure for your waist trainer’. Using a good quality waist trainer in the right size will not impact your health in any negative way. In general, shapewear actually stimulates losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle.

How to put on your waist trainer

Besides picking the right size, it is also important to put it on correctly and especially the first time, that can be a challenge. In our tutorial ‘How To Use A Waist Trainer’ you’ll find useful tips on how to put on your waist trainer and make it fit perfectly. We also cover in our article ‘How to put on your waist trainer – standing or lying down?‘ what the best method is for you, to fit a waist training product.

When you start with waist training, also make sure to build it up gradually. Start wearing it a couple of hours during the day (not while you are sleeping) and expand the time you’re wearing your waist training corset gradually.

Waist trainer brands and reviews

If you’re choosing a good quality waist trainer from a reputable brand, choose the right size and use the waist trainer in a correct way, then waist trainers are perfectly safe for you. In our brand-section, you’ll find information about various shapewear brands and in our review-category, you’ll find our waist trainer reviews.