How to measure for your waist trainer

Measuring Tape

It is essential that the fit of your waist trainer is good and that you choose the right size. To be sure that your waist training corset is the right waist trainer for you, you need to measure various parts of your body.

If you think it is a challenge to do this yourself, it may be useful to ask for the help of a good friend, it will in all probability also help with the accuracy of your measurements. When you measure, make sure you tighten the measure tape, but not so tightly, that the measuring tape cuts into your skin.

Measure your bust

If you are planning to use a waist trainer that also covers your bust, it is important to measure your full bust. To measure your full bust, place the measuring tape over the middle part of the breasts, generally speaking over the nipples.

Measure your underbust

If you are not interested in shapewear that covers your bust, it is important that you measure your underbust. To do this, place the measuring tape just under your breasts, just above your ribs.

Measure your waist

Measuring your waist is indispensable when choosing your waist trainer, this is the most essential size you have to take into account when choosing your waist training corset.

Measure your hips

Although there is sometimes confusion which part of the body needs to be measured when measuring the hips: your hips are located directly under your stomach and above your thighs. Place the measuring tape on this spot and pull it tightly around your body at to know the size of your hips.

Make sure the waist trainer covers your torso. If you are afraid that too much of your tummy is showing under the shapewear, we advise you to choose a longer waist trainer.

Choose the right size waist trainer

Before choosing the right size of your waist trainer, you should answer the question ‘What is my goal with waist training?’ If you want to have 6 inches off your waist, then it is recommended to choose a waist trainer that is 6 inches smaller than your natural waist. If you want a waist cinching corset because of fashion motifs or back support, then it is good to choose a size that is about 3 inches smaller than your waist.