Can everyone try out waist training?

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At YourWaistTrainer we get on a regular basis the question if everyone can try out waist training. The answer to this good question is ‘yes’, but it is essential to explain this answer.

Waist training for women, men and transgenders

Shapewear such as corsets, waist trainers and waist cinchers is mostly worn by women, but that does not mean that men or transgender people cannot try out waist training. For example, wearing waist trainers by men has become much more popular in recent years and there are also companies who focus specifically on shapewear for men. If you want to know the difference between the various types of shapewear, we recommend reading our article ‘Differences between waist trainers, cinchers and corsets‘.

Waist training for adults

We recommend not to start waist training until women or men have rached the age of eighteen years old. The bodies of adolescents are growing and developing, and therefore waist training is not recommended until the age of eighteen.

Corsets (read our blog article ‘Underbust or overbust corsets?’ what works best for you) can still be worn by adolescents, but more as a fashion statement and not as part of a waist training program.

Waist training is for everyone

Every adult can do try out waist training, but be careful to do this in a sensible way. YourWaistTrainer has a Tutorial category with good and smart advice for wearing shapewear. Everything starts with measuring your body and choosing the right waist trainer (‘How to measure for your waist trainer), and that you also know how to use your waist trainer.

Healthy lifestyle

Waist training is also not a substitute for dieting or exercising, but let waist training be part of your healthy lifestyle. Read our reviews to choose the best option for you, to find your waist trainer.