Underbust waist trainer and wearing a bra

wearing bra

Should you wear a bra with your underbust waist trainer or corset? Can an underbust provide enough support without a bra?

In our article, Underbust or overbust for corset novices, you could already read about the differences between overbust and underbust shapewear. One of the differences between these two types, is that it is not always necessary to wear a bra while wearing an overbust corset, because in general, overbust shapewear will give enough support to your breasts. But does an underbust waist trainer give enough support?

In most cases, the answer to that question is ‘no’, an underbust does not give the same level of support that the cups or bonnets of an overbust gives.When you sit down, you might feel that an underbust is pushing your breasts a little bit up, but does certainly not compare to the level of support that your bra gives you.

So to answer the questions at the start of this blog article: at YourWaistTrainer.com we recommend, that you should wear a bra with your underbust waist trainer or corset, since it does not provide the same support as a bra.