Corset with your wedding dress

Wedding Dress Bouquet

Are you planning to wear a corset on your wedding day? Please make sure to prepare for your big day!

Corset is a great option for your wedding day

A lot of brides want to have a straight posture, a hourglass figure, feel sexy and show some cleavage and shapewear, such as a corset, is a great option for one of their most important and happiest days of their lives. But it possible that the bride is new to wearing a corset and therefore it is important that you prepare in a correct way.


Make sure that you shop for your corset in a timely manner. You want to be sure that you wear a corset that is comfortable during your wedding day, invisble under the gown and supportive, so make sure you have enough time to find your perfect corset.

Buy the wedding dress, before you buy your wedding corset, because the wedding dress will determine which type of corset is the best for you. There are various corsets available for various wedding dresses, including backless dresses, spaghetti strap dresses and strapless dresses.

You can choose both an overbust or underbust corset. To determine which corset is the best option for you, we recommend to read the blog article ‘Overbust or underbust corsets?‘.

Wearing the corset

After you have found your perfect piece of shapewear, you should start wearing your corset in time. Begin wearing the corset at least two weeks in advance, and at first, wear it one or two hours a day and do this a couple of days in a row. After three or four days, increase the time you wear the corset and preferably, lace it a bit tighter as well. Build it up, until you are used to wearing a waist trainer for approximately eight hours per day.

In this way, your body gradually gets used to wearing a corset and are you optimally prepared to look fantastic and radiant, full of confidence during the most beautiful day of your life.