How to hide a waist trainer under clothes

Woman Street Posing

Since you get the best results wearing your waist trainer at least a couple of hours per day, it could be possible that you are wearing this piece of shapewear while going into a meeting, going shopping or meeting good friends.

Although there are a large number of waist trainers that are not noticable while wearing these, there are also types that are somewhat bulkier and that can be seen under certain clothing. Not all women would like to share that they are wearing a waist trainer, so knowing how to hide a waist trainer underneath your clothes is essential.

Choose the right clothes to hide a waist trainer

An easy option to hide your waist trainer is wearing loose/baggier clothes. Tight clothes, such a tight blouse, shirt or dress, accentuate your body (and anything covering your body) more than baggier clothing, so it is also more likely that tight clothing shows your waist trainer earlier and more prominently than the wider clothing in your wardrobe. Thick shapewear could also make you appear bulkier and heavier than you really are and baggy clothes could also prevent that.

If you have a waist trainer in a striking color, such as bright pink, luminous yellow or another bright color, do not opt for light, very thin, translucent garments, as such clothing will show the color of the waist trainer through the clothing.

Another advice is to wear tops with a pattern, the horizontal lines or other figures draw the attention to the pattern and not to any corset lines. If it fits with your outfit, it can also be a good idea to wear a big belt.

Wearing your waist trainer at home

You could also opt for wearing the waist trainer at certain places where you feel comfortable wearing it. More and more people work from home nowadays, and you don’t have to feel embarresed your waist trainer showing underneath your clothing if you are in the safety of your home. Some people who have to go to the office, customer visits etc choose to wear their trainer in the morning, before leaving for work or after they return home and wear it during the afternoon and/or evening.

Smaller or slimmer trainer

There are a large number of waist trainers available on the market, in different colors, different types, but also various sizes. You may choose to wear a smaller or slimmer trainer which is less noticeable around your body compared to a bulkier or larger model. By the way, it is not necessarily the case that a larger or heavier waist trainer is better or more effective than a smaller trainer. Among other things, that depends on the quality of the materials used, bones technology and the type of fabric.

If you’re afraid your waist trainer is too bulky and will show through your (tight) clothing, be sure you apply the tips and tricks in this tutorial and feel comfortable wearing any kind of shapewear underneath your clothing.