How To Use A Waist Trainer

waist trainer belly

Using a waist trainer can be a perfect way to help you getting that hourglass shape back and help losing weight, giving you a considerable confidence boost. Waist training shapewear has become increasingly popular in the past, not least because of Kim Kardashian, who shared her enthusiasm through her social media channels and the media about the positive influence that waist trainers have on her body and her lifestyle.

But there are certain things you need to do to enjoy optimum benefits from wearing a waist trainer. It’s essential for every woman to know how to use a waist trainer.

Find the right size

Firstly, you need to find the right size, to find yvour waist trainer you need to know your own body size, the size of your waist and hips and body type and use the measure charts that producers of waist cinhers are providing. You do not want to wear a waist trainer that is too tight or too lose. Although there are also waist training corsets that are adjustable, so that you can either increase or decrease the size, it is still important to have the right size of shapewear.

Putting on a waist trainer for the first time

The first time putting on your waist training corset is without a doubt the hardest and some women might even think that their waist trainer is too small.

Wrap the waist trainer around yourself and make sure it is above the hips, because most women are naturally thinner on the waist. To make it fit perfectly, you could suck in a bit.Please make sure that you start on the row that you feel most comfortable with and in general, that will be for most people the first row.

Start with the bottom eye and hook first and you should buckle upwards. Please focus on putting the first hook in first and make sure to pull the waist trainer around the middle. Then put the next hook into the eye and reposition the waist trainer again. If one of the hooks unfastens, then simply put the hook back in the eye. When putting the trainer on, keep in mind that this piece of shapewear has some stretch. After putting the final hook in, firmly straighten the trainer, making sure that it covers in a correct way the length of your torso.

In our article ‘How to put on your waist trainer – standing or lying down?‘ you’ll find more information about the best method for you to put on your waist training product.

Wearing the trainer for the first time

Build up the amount of time wearing your waist trainer. Wear it for a couple of hours during the first week and gradually expand the amount of time after that. You and your body need to get familiar with wearing a waist cincher and therefore it is important that you build it up step-by step.

Most waist shapers you can use during day-to-day activities, such as working and relaxing at home, as well as wearing it during workouts.