Overbust or underbust corsets?

At Your Waist Trainer, we receive regularly questions about corsets and whether people should purchase a overbust or underbust corset. What your best corset is, depends on your personal preferences.


When wearing an overbust corset, you do not need to wear a bra, since the corset covers the breasts. Some of the overbust corsets came with straps, supporting your shoulders. You can wear an overbust corset under your clothes, but it also possible to wear it as a top. This type of corset improves your posture, provides good back support.

An overbust corset works well for small breasted and large breasted women. It lifts the breasts higher and creates more cleavage.


The major difference with overbust corsets, is that underbust corsets do not provide support for the breasts, they fit right under the breasts. This type of shapewear can easily be worn under clothes, but you will still need to wear a bra. Underbust corsets are available in various styles to fit the contours of women’s bustlines.

It is by the way also possible to wear an underbust corset over your clothes. Most women who wear a corset for the first time, will find an underbust corset easier to fit.

Also an underbust corset provides excellent back support and improves your posture. These type of shapewear look more natural under clothes compared to overbust corsets. Women with small breasts who would like to have the look of larger breasts will prefer an underbust corset, since this increases your appearance by more or less a full cup size.

Corset best option – overbust or underbust?

Whether an overbust or underbust corset is the best option for you, is mostly a matter of personal preference. What is your clothing style? What is your objective with wearing a corset? Is it part of your clothing or costume? Do you want to create a look that seems to have a larger bust? By answering these and other questions and your personal taste, you ultimately choose the best option for you.