Waist trainer instead of exercising or diets?

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So does waist training replace going to the fitness center? When talking to family or friends, we sometimes hear that they feel that waist trainers are for people who do not have the discipline to stick to a diet or exercises.

Results in a few minutes

At Your Waist Trainer, we feel that one thing does not conflict with the other. We absolutely suggest following a healthy life style, eating fresh and healthy food and exercising on a regular basis, in combination with wearing a waist trainer. But by using shapewear, you can achieve a result that you are not able to achieve by a diet or working out: a smaller waistline and/or increased cup size in just a couple of minutes.

Psychological benefits

We feel that one of the benefits that waist trainers bring, is a little under-exposed: the psychological benefit. By wearing shapewear your posture improves, you’ll be able to sit and walk straighter and that makes people in general feel more confident and you also will make a more confident impression to other people, which often leads to positive feedback from family, friends and colleagues.

Waist training not for lazy people

So, no… waist training is not for lazy people and no… wearing a shapewear does not replace following a diet or going to the fitness center, but a healthy lifestyle and wearing a waist trainer go really well hand-in-hand.