TrainingGirl Hourglass Waist Slimmer

TrainingGirl Hourglass Waist Slimmer
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The TrainingGirl Hourglass Waist Trainer is an adjustable waist slimmer that reduces immediately your waistline with 1 to 3 inches, giving you the hourglass shape. It is also a good choice for people who want to work out with a waist trainer.

Adjustable and strong acrylic bones

The waist slimmer band is made of neoprene fabric and has an adjustable fit, so it feels comfortable during your day-to-day activities or working out. This waist trainer makes you sweat during your work outs, stimulating weight loss, calorie and fat burning and muscle shaping. The waist slimmer has little air holes, which makes this piece of shapewear breathable. The strong velcro keeps the TrainingGirl waist trainer in place.

The five acrylic bones give you the necessary back support and improve your posture, enabling to sit and walk straighter. Durable fabric is covering these bones, so these won’t stab your skin during intense workouts. This waist slimmer can be used by women and men.

Our verdict – TrainingGirl Hourglass Waist Trainer

The TrainingGirl Hourglass Waist Slimming Band is a durable and high quality piece of shapewear, that can be used for workouts and day-to-day activities. The neoprene fabric stimulates sweating, accelerating your weight loss. This TrainingGirl waist slimmer is comfortable to wear, gives good back support and improves your posture.

Overall, a good quality waist trainer at an affordable price.

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